It is universally known that the HIV virus infects and attacks the body’s immunity system. What the virus does not do though is to infect someone’s dreams, goals and ambitions. However, some of those infected have been using their sero-positive status to get things done for them or access help, besides soliciting for sympathy and money from well wishers. Granted some of them are genuine enough in their needs but other are taking advantage of their status. There’s a story of a man who intentionally infected himself just because he saw that people living with HIV in his home area were being given handouts by different organizations. To him this was an easy life therefore he used to prick his friends with a needle after which he re-pricked himself. He did this several times just to be certain he got infected. With the introduction of ARVs, the disease which everyone once feared has become quite manageable and people are able to live their lives to the fullest without fear of dying or not able to accomplish their dreams. The government has made every effort to make ARVs available to everyone who needs them at zero cost in most health facilities that have Comprehensive Care Clinics. Besides, the government has been ensuring that Food By prescription (FBP) and Ready to use therapeutic food such as Fortified Blended Flour (FBF) is availed to all HIV positive people with low Body Mass Index (BMI) and Mid Upper Arm Circumference (MUAC) to ensure that people who are on ARVs will not lack the essential nutrients to help them grow strong. Food handouts like flour, maize, beans and oil have also been availed at the local administration posts for everyone in need regardless of their sero-status. Whereas before it was a recommendation that for ARVs to be taken, one had to eat well, nowadays, to stop and curb non-adherence for lack of food patients are required to take their medicines without failure whether they have food or not. Non- adherence is a sure way of becoming resistant to the drugs. Betty who lives with the virus is one person who has either given up on life or is ignorant about the effect that non- adherence can cause. She cites her reason for not going to the nearest health centre for her medication as lack of transport and lack of food. Once, a well-wisher used to facilitate her with transport to the nearest health centre where she would then access her medication. However, when the well-wisher stopped facilitating her because of his family responsibilities, Betty stopped going for her medicines all together. As for the food supplement offered at the health centre, she said she did not require them as they were only given flour. Unknown to her, is that this flour is rich in all the recommended nutrients and one can survive on it because it is balanced. Once one acquires the correct BMI and MUAC they are discharged from the program. She had been diagnosed with TB and she defaulted on her medicines after only one month of treatment. Three months down the line she stays at home depending on her brother who is also living with HIV and is not on ART to do odd jobs for their upkeep. Another well-wisher has given them a shack in his parcel of land where they live. The house which stands alone doesn’t have proper ventilation and flies have made an abode inside perhaps from the uncertain smell emanating from somewhere. They don’t have a toilet or latrine and one has to watch their step so as not to step on human and animal waste, sometimes though, they ask for these facilities from their neighbors. As for water they either buy or borrow from their neighbors. Betty, who at first glance looks emaciated, claims she is too weak to work or walk and she will not leave the house to on foot. Some journalists who had gone to visit her bought her some food to last her a while and a community worker who was with them offered to assist her to get her medicines. However she later called the community worker and said she would not go for her medicines because she did not have money for transport, as it was too hot and she could not walk. When asked to surrender her CCC card so that her medicines could be taken to her she quickly avoided the issue with several excuses but quickly avers that if her limitations were addressed she would she would adhere to her medicine to the latter. She is not alone most people like her suffer from Dependency Syndrome which is an attitude that one cannot solve his or her problems without outside help. It is a disorder that is influenced by an individual’s psychological trait and a weakness that is made worse by charity. Being HIV positive is not the end of one’s life and or dreams. TB on the other hand can be treated and it only takes 6 to 8 months for one to get healed completely. This is relatively a very short time as compared to what it could mean if cost in terms or money and time if left untreated. By taking her TB drugs for only a month it means that the TB germs may become resistant to the drugs that she was taking and could even develop into another strain of TB such Multi Drug Resistant TB. People who are on strict adherence have been able to live longer, normal and productive lives. For Betty to effectively adhere, she not only needs to have a good level of understanding about HIV and TB but, her attitudes and beliefs and effectiveness of medication should be addressed, so that she doesn’t put herself and others at risk