Getting a man is an easy art but keeping him is a very hard job.  Most women the world over are looking for the ideal man to cater to their needs and whims, Maria was no exception. She was lucky though because she met and started a relationship with a man any daughter of eve would have dreamed of.  Now the green eyed monster struck and she was overcome with insecurities and constant worries that her man would leave her for someone else.  To cut a long story short she did what most women in her position would do, she confided in her friend who took her took her to a local witchdoctor to get love potions to prevent her catch from eyeing other women or leaving her.

The witchdoctor did give her charms at an agreed  and affordable price but there was a catch! For the charms to effectively work she was required to have unprotected sex with the witchdoctor who would be transfering the medicine into her body during the intercourse. He would not ejaculate, she was assured but rather he would just “ingiza na kutoa” that is he would just sneak preview and not finish the act. Well he did “ingiza” but he left her more than the love potion.  She conceived, good news for her but then they had never had unprotected sex with her boyfriend. How then could she claim the baby was his? This alone was enough to end the once promising relationship which it did because he was not ready to take care of another man’s baby or even hang around an unfaithful woman.  In her second trimester, while she was still contemplating having an abortion she received the most shocking news of her life, she was HIV positive! An  attempted abortion could be fatal. She now has a son who is six years old and living with HIV.  She is still angry especially when she looks at her son. Her feelings towards him are love, hatred and pity. Love because he is her son, hatred because he is the son a “witch doctor” the same person who gave them the virus and who she has never seen or heard from since; pity because her son did not deserve what she passed to him.

Maria is quite remorseful and she advices young women out there to be content with what they have, her fear and insecurities made her lose the man she had hopes of spending the rest of her life with and instead she got what she had not bargained for.  She warns women not to trust in love potions or charms and witch doctors because if only she had known, she would never had consented into having unprotected sex with a total stranger.  How many women have fallen prey to such men posing as witch doctors?  That, is only for us to imagine and contemplate.